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How to check if you have access to the email or phone you registered with Instagram?

The digital world we live in today demands an active and secure online presence, particularly on popular social media platforms such as Instagram. Your account's safety centers on the accuracy and updated contact information. Updating your email and phone details on Instagram protects your social media from potential security threats. It maintains firm control over your personal data. 

Step-by-Step Tutorial


Step 1: Go to Instagram “Settings.”

Step 2: Go to "Account Center"

Step 3: Click on "Personal details"

Step : Check if you have access to this Email address (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc) and Phone Number.

*We don't recommend using local mail providers like “Walla”, 10min mail, or any other similar provider.

If you don't have access

Step 1: Tap on your previous Email Address.

Step 2: Change your Email.

Step 3: Tap on the "v" sign.

Step 4: Enter your registered Email address and approve the confirmation message sent by Instagram.

Step 5: Now, you have access to your Email address.


Step 1: Tap on “Settings.”

Step 2: Tap “Edit Profile”

Step 3: Check if you have access to the Email Address & Phone Number you filled in these boxes. If you don’t have access or these boxes are empty, fill in your updated Email Address and Phone Number.

Step 4: Tap “Submit”.

Step 5: Go to your registered email address and confirm your new email address.

Step 6: That is it, Your Email & Phone Number are updated.

Maintaining your contact information on Instagram is crucial for a secure and uninterrupted online experience. It ensures you control your digital identity and provides peace of mind, knowing your account is protected. Regular updates to your contact details are a proactive step in maintaining digital security.

As an additional security measure, you can regularly change your Instagram password. Explore Instagram's security features, like two-factor authentication, to enhance your account's security further. By following these steps, your Instagram account will be protected 24/7. 

Ensuring the security and privacy of your Instagram account is essential in today's digital landscape. Updating your contact information, such as email and phone number, is a proactive measure to protect your online presence. It not only helps shield your account against potential security threats but also allows you to maintain control over your data. By updating your contact details and utilizing these security measures, your Instagram account can remain secure and provide you with peace of mind in the ever-evolving digital world.

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