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How to change "Tags and Mentions" Settings on Instagram?

Instagram offers various features that can impact your digital footprint and personal privacy. Tags and mentions are such features that allow users to be identified in posts, stories, and comments. However, unregulated tagging and mentioning can expose you to unwanted content, cyberbullying, or even impersonation risks. This guide provides detailed steps to navigate Instagram's 'Tags and Mentions' settings for enhanced privacy and introduces Spikerz, a digital security tool to bolster your social media safety.

Understanding the Significance of Tags and Mentions

Tags and mentions can broaden your digital visibility, connecting you with a broader audience. However, they can also make you vulnerable to unwanted attention or content. By not managing these settings, you risk being associated with inappropriate or harmful content, potentially damaging your online reputation.

Potential Dangers of Unmoderated Tagging

  • Exposure to Unwanted Content: Being tagged in inappropriate or irrelevant posts can associate your profile with content that doesn't align with your values or image. For instance, if a user is tagged in a post that promotes controversial or offensive views, it may incorrectly suggest their endorsement or agreement with such content, thereby potentially harming their reputation or online persona.
  • Impersonation Risks: Instagram impersonation involves crafting counterfeit Instagram profiles that imitate authentic users, brands, celebrities, or organizations. An example of this is when a fake account mirroring a popular brand, tags unsuspecting users in posts. Such unsolicited tagging is often used by impersonators to distort your identity or sow discord among your followers.
  • Privacy Breaches: Excessive tagging can reveal your location, activities, and personal life details without your consent. For instance, Sarah retreats to a secluded cabin, not sharing her whereabouts on social media. However, her friend John, posts and tags her in photos revealing the cabin's location and their activities. This breach of privacy, through John's excessive tagging, exposes Sarah's private activities to their entire social network, including potential security risks.

Navigating to 'Tags and Mentions' Settings on Instagram

  1. Open the Instagram App.
  2. Tap on your profile icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. Tap the three-line icon (menu) at the top right, then select 'Settings.'
  4. In the Settings menu, select 'Settings and Privacy'.
  5. Scroll to find and select 'Tags and 'Mentions' under the 'Interactions' section.

Adjusting Tag Settings

  1. Manual Approval of Tags: To control who can tag you, choose 'Manually Approve Tags.' 
  2. Reviewing Existing Tags: Visit 'Tags' to review, approve, or remove existing tags.
  3. Customize Who Can Tag You: You can select from 'Everyone,' 'People You Follow,' or 'No One' to control who can tag you.
  4. Manual Approval of Tags: To control who can tag you, choose 'Manually Approve Tags. We recommend that you always opt for manual approval to monitor tags.

Adjusting Mention Settings

  1. Limiting Mentions: Similar to tags, you can restrict who can mention you in comments, captions, or stories. Our recommendation is to restrict mentions to people you follow to avoid spam or harassment from unknown accounts. In addition, regularly review your tags to remove any undesired associations.
  2. Customize Mention Preferences: Choose between 'Everyone,' 'People You Follow,' or 'No One' for mentions.

Spikerz: Your Digital Security Tool

For further protection, consider Spikerz, a specialized tool designed to enhance your social media interaction safety. Spikerz offers:

  • Privacy Protection: Shields your profile from unwanted tags and mentions. Spikerz alerts you on every auspicious tag or mention
  • Impersonation Detection:  Instagram impersonation is like a digital masquerade ball. It's a cunning practice where individuals or entities create fake Instagram accounts that closely mimic real users, brands, celebrities, or organizations. Spikerz alerts you to potential impersonation attempts or misuse of your identity.
  • Content Compliance Monitoring: Community guidelines are like the rules of the online playground. These guidelines are created by the platform to make sure everyone behaves well and treats each other with kindness. Spikerz scans tags and mentions for compliance with your preset content preferences, ensuring alignment with your digital persona.


Adjusting your Instagram 'Tags and Mentions' settings is crucial for maintaining a curated and secure online presence. By taking control of who can tag or mention you, you significantly reduce the risks of unwanted exposure and protect your digital identity. 

Additionally, integrating tools like Spikerz can provide an added layer of security, ensuring a safer and more controlled social media experience. Remember, in the digital world, privacy is crucial; these steps are essential in protecting it.

Start you free trail with Spikerz and protect your social media journey.