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Plans to protect your account, no matter how many followers you have.

Save 40%
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Billed yearly
For personal users and micro-influencers.

1 account

Personal leaked passwords

24/7 hacking & blocking prevention

Phishing detector

Content checker

Account recovery chatbot

Best Seller
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Billed yearly
For pro influencers & content creators.

Up to 3 accounts

Everything in Starter +

Shadowban protection

Bot attack prevention

Account content archiving

Impersonator detection

Bot detection

Comment protection

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Billed yearly
For small businesses.

Up to 5 accounts

Everything in Pro +

Dedicated human support

Cyber awareness checks

Real-time phishing and scams protection

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For agencies and enterprises.

Unlimited accounts

Everything in Business +

Bot removal

Advanced comment protection

Active hacking protection (App)

Impersonation takedown

Trusted by thousands of
advertisers worldwide

Based on 1000+ reviews
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Peach Martine Profile Image
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Spikerz has been there for me!
They let me know exactly what
is going on with my account.
If social media account is
part of your business,
you have to make sure
it's safe and secured!


Singer & Song Writer

One of our trusted business partners
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I love the experience.
The best feature I absolutely
appreciate is the content checker.
That’s amazing.
I check Spikerz all the time,
run the scan and check for
impersonation, data breaches and
not once I am getting rid of the
followers that are identified as bots
by Spikerz.



Profile image of a content creator working with us
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I can’t thank you enough :)
everything has been running
smoothly now, ever since I made
the changes you tole me to my profile.
I look forward to continue
working with you!


Fashion Mode

Do I really need social media protection services?
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Is it easy to set up?
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If I exceed my plan limit?
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Does connecting my account to your platform is safe?
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When can I cancel my plan?
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