New Look, New Name! We've rebranded from Smip to Spikerz. Explore our updated offerings.
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Spikerz: The Powerhouse Your Agency Needs

Keeping your talent's social presence secure is critical. A compromise not only endangers partnerships, but also takes a hit on their and your agency's reputation. This is where Spikerz comes in, offering a security fortress specifically designed for agencies.

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Why Choose

We’re not just a service; we're a partner. Our platform is tailor-made for agencies, delivering:

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Robust Protection

Our advanced AI and technology sniffs out and thwarts any fraudulent attempts on your clients' accounts, keeping their social reputation sparkling.

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Swift Recovery

Account breach? No sweat. We make the recovery process as smooth as a glide, getting your clients back in action swiftly.

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Personal Touch

Our team of security mavens are on standby to answer your queries or concerns, delivering a personalized touch to your experience.

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Your Dashboard, Your Way

Manage multiple accounts and clients in a breeze with our customizable dashboard, crafted to align with your agency's needs.

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Strengthen Your Client Bonds

With Spikerz at the helm of your clients' social media security, you're not just securing their accounts; you're showcasing your commitment to their success.

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Custom Reports, Your Branding

Floor your clients with bespoke reports featuring your agency's logo, powered by Spikerz's data and analytics. You focus on the benefits; we handle the work.

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Experience 24/7 authority and security for all your social media accounts from one place

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