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What is Spikerz?

Spikerz is a whole-in-one social media security and protection platform designed for businesses and individuals who want to safeguard their online presence. It provides a range of security features, including 24/7 monitoring for hacking attempts, bot attacks, spam, and trolls, as well as protection against shadowbanning and impersonators. Spikerz also offers a backup service to ensure that businesses can recover their social media accounts in case of any issues. Additionally, Spikerz offers a free chatbot solution for account recovery, helping businesses regain access to their social media accounts without any additional fees. Overall, Spikerz aims to provide peace of mind to businesses and individuals using social media, knowing that their accounts are protected by a robust and reliable security system.

Is Spikerz legit?

Hell yeah.

Spikerz is an official application and partner of the platforms. Spikerz uses and follows the official APIs guidelines of the platform to provide state of the art security measures for it’s users.

Is Spikerz Safe?

Of course.

As an official application and partner of the social platforms, we go through the toughest and deepest due diligence there are, to get the official connections to the social platforms. Do not trust any company that takes your credentials!

How does Spikerz connect to my account?

Spikerz is connected as official application to the social platforms. We connect through the official APIs, therefore, we are able to connect without the need of being exposed to your sensitive credentials.

3 clicks to connect maximum, and you are protected - no password or credentials needed.

What social platform do Spikerz support?

Currently, we support Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and TikTok. We are ever evolving, so stay tuned for more platforms to come.

What is the difference between Spikerz and 2FA?

2FA is a measure to have another layer of authentication, yet it is not enough anymore. Hackers are a lot smarter and have ways to bypass this, this is why you need Spikerz, to make sure you are fully protected and that your accounts are secured.

How is Spikerz different than anti-virus?

Anti-virus software primarily detects and removes known malicious software and have nothing to do with social accounts, while Spikerz provides real-time protection for your social accounts against various online threats like phishing, ransomware, banning and other threats through advanced algorithms and AI techniques.

Is Spikerz available in my country?

Hell Yea.Spikerz is available worldwide. We charge using USD, and we offer support in the English only, at the moment

Is Spikerz free?

Spikerz provides a 7-day free trial for those who want to try the service before making a full commitment. Following the trial, users can opt for a monthly or annual subscriptions. We also provide a “cancel anytime” policy.

How do Spikerz protect me?

Our AI scans your account's activity to assess its risk level and characteristics, following which you are enrolled in our 24/7 monitoring system. This system continuously monitors your account for any suspicious activity or harmful actions, including hacking or actions that may result in your account getting blocked. We promptly notify you of any concerns and provide assistance in resolving them.

How do I know Spikerz are actively monitoring my account?

We continuously monitor your social account for any potential risks, including hacking or banning threats, as long as you remain connected to our service. In the event that the connection is disrupted, we will promptly alert you and request you to refresh the connection.

Do you need my credentials or password?

Of course not!

We only ask for your login email to be able to see if anyone out there is trying to harm you through it.

Do you have access to change things in my account?

Absolutely not!

We don’t have any editing abilities in the account, nothing whatsoever. We use an official login through all official APIs for safe data transfer.

Who needs this?

Spikerz is designed for businesses and individuals who rely on social media to generate income or maintain an online presence. This includes influencers, marketers, small business owners, and anyone who wants to protect their social media accounts from cyber threats such as hacking, banning, shadowbanning, bots, and spam. Spikerz also provides personalized solutions for businesses who want to maintain control over their social media accounts' security and minimize the risks associated with social media management.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course, you can cancel anytime. Just send us an email to support@spikerz.com or through your account’s settings. For more information, you can see our terms of use.

How do I suggest new ideas to Spikerz?

We would love that, let us know all about it by sending an email to support@spikerz.com

How do I delete my account?

If you want to delete your account, please send us your request to  support@spikerz.com so our team can process the request.

How do I change my payment method?

For any payment method request, please send us a request to support@spikerz.com

How do I change the connected social account to another?

If you wish to change the social media account already connected to Spikerz, please contact us at support@spikerz.com

Is my information kept confidential?

Of course. We are a cyber security company, we don’t mess around.

Why do I need a Credit Card for the free trial?

We require a payment method during sign-up to prevent fraud and multiple free trials. You won't be charged during your free trial, and you can cancel anytime before it ends. We process all credit card payments via Stripe for secure transactions.

I have to speak with you, how do I reach your support team?

Our team can’t wait to assist you! please contact us at support@spikerz.com

How does Spikerz protect me from bots?

Spikerz uses advanced algorithms and AI to identify and block bot activity on social media accounts. The system analyzes various data points such as account information, location, and behavior patterns to differentiate between human and bot activity, also using reverse engineering. It can detect abnormal activity patterns and identify and block bot attacks in real-time. Additionally, Spikerz can also detect and block fake followers, likes, and comments, which are often associated with bot activity. By providing real-time protection against bot attacks, Spikerz helps to safeguard the integrity of social media accounts and ensure that businesses can engage with their followers and customers without any disruptions caused by bot activity.

How does Spikerz protect me from spam?

Spikerz uses AI algorithms to detect and block spam and trolls in real-time. It analyzes message content, behavior patterns, and ML models to prevent spam and identify and block trolls. By providing comprehensive protection against negative and harmful interactions, Spikerz helps businesses maintain a positive social media presence and safeguard their brand image.

How does Spikerz secure my account from hacking?

Spikerz uses military-grade security measures to safeguard social media accounts from cyber threats. Once the initial layer of security is set up, our real-time monitoring system constantly scans for any malicious activity or hacking attempts, providing active protection 24/7. Our advanced algorithms quickly detect and block any unauthorized access attempts, ensuring businesses have a safe and secure online presence.

What is Spikerz Backup?

Spikerz Backup is a secure and reliable cloud-based backup solution designed to protect businesses from data loss. It creates a backup of all the data and files from social media accounts, including posts, images, videos, and messages. In case of any unexpected data loss due to system crashes, cyber-attacks, or accidental deletions, Spikerz Backup allows businesses to quickly and easily restore their lost data. With Spikerz Backup, businesses can be assured that their social media accounts are fully protected, and they have a reliable backup solution to safeguard their valuable data.

How does Spikerz prevent shadowbanning?

Spikerz actively monitors social media accounts for any suspicious activity that could lead to shadowbanning using advanced algorithms and a 24/7 monitoring system. We provide personalized recommendations and solutions for businesses to avoid using banned hashtags, content violations, or inhuman-like behavior. Our system also includes bot and fake account monitoring to detect and address any attacks that target your engagement. By taking a proactive approach to preventing shadowbanning and other harmful actions, Spikerz ensures that businesses can maintain a strong and secure engagement and online presence.

Do I need to install Spikerz on my mobile phone?

No, you do not need to install Spikerz on your mobile phone. Our platform is 100% web-based, which means you can access it from any device with an internet connection, including mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers. Simply log in to your Spikerz account using your preferred web browser, and you can start monitoring and protecting your social media accounts right away. Our web-based platform also ensures that you can easily manage your account and access all of our features without the need for any additional software or hardware.

Does Spikerz provide account recovery?

Spikerz offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for account recovery through our free chatbot. With the help of our advanced technology, you can recover your social media account on your own without the need for experts or additional fees. Our chatbot provides step-by-step guidance and personalized support to ensure a successful recovery process. Whether it's a forgotten password or a hacked account, our chatbot can assist in resolving the issue quickly and efficiently. Trust in Spikerz's reliable and secure chatbot solution for hassle-free account recovery. Visit our chatbot here - XXX

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