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How to change your email address on YouTube?

Updating your email address on YouTube is essential to maintaining your account's security and privacy. It is crucial to distinguish between your primary registration email and public contact information. Using different emails for these purposes can protect your account from potential risks.

The primary registration email is the main email associated with your YouTube account. It's used for logging in, receiving important account notifications, and recovering your account in case of access issues. Meanwhile, the public email address is displayed on your YouTube profile. This email allows viewers and business contacts to reach out to you. 

Updating Your Primary Email Address on YouTube

1. Open the Google app and sign in to the account you want to modify

2. Tap on your profile image on the top right corner to open the dropdown

3. Select "Manage your Google Account"

4. Tap on "Personal info" and look for the "Contact info" section - tap on it

5. Tap in Email and edit this section

6. Verify the new mail address

Regularly updating your email addresses on YouTube enhances account security and maintains privacy. In contrast, the public contact email facilitates communication with your audience. It's a balance of protecting your account and being accessible to your viewers and business contacts. Keeping these two updated ensures a better experience for you and your audience. 

In updating email addresses on YouTube, Spikerz offers enhanced protection against potential security risks. It actively monitors for suspicious activity, ensuring your account's integrity uring email changes. Spikerz's advanced technology also helps shield both your primary and public contact emails, crucial for maintaining account security and privacy. Additionally, its comprehensive security measures provide peace of mind, knowing that your YouTube account is protected against cyber threats.

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