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How to change "Tags and Mentions" Settings in YouTube?

Your online presence on YouTube significantly impacts your digital footprint and personal privacy. Understanding and controlling who can tag or mention you in their posts is vital. This guide navigates through YouTube's 'Tags and Mentions' settings and introduces Spikerz, a digital security tool to enhance social media safety.

The Importance of Controlling Tags and Mentions

Tags and mentions on YouTube can either expand your network or expose you to digital vulnerabilities. While these features connect you with a broader audience, they can also link your profile with unwanted content or lead to impersonation risks.

Risks of Uncontrolled Tagging and Mentioning

  • Exposure to Unwanted Content: Being tagged or mentioned in inappropriate videos or comments can harm your online reputation.
  • Impersonation Risks: Your identity might be misused in tags and mentions, leading to confusion or misrepresentation among your audience.
  • Privacy Concerns: Excessive tagging can inadvertently disclose personal information, such as your location or activities.

Navigating YouTube's Interface for Tags and Mentions

YouTube's interface for managing tags and mentions differs slightly from other social media platforms due to its unique content creation and interaction dynamics.

Accessing YouTube Settings

  1. Open YouTube: Launch YouTube in your web browser or app.
  2. Sign In: Ensure you are logged into your account.
  3. Accessing Profile: Click on your profile icon in the top right corner.
  4. Settings Option: From the dropdown, select 'Settings.'

Unfortunately, YouTube does not offer as direct 'Tags and Mentions' settings as other social platforms like Instagram or Facebook. However, you can manage related settings through comments and community guidelines.

Managing Comment Settings for Mentions

  1. Go to YouTube Studio: In the dropdown menu, select 'YouTube Studio'.
  2. Community Settings: In the left panel, click 'Settings,' then select 'Community.'
  3. Automated Filters: Under 'Automated Filters,' you can set up rules for blocking specific words or phrases, including your name or channel name, to limit mentions.
  4. Comment Moderation: You can choose to hold potentially inappropriate comments for review, which gives you control over mentions in comments.

Community Guidelines for Tags

  1. Creating Community Guidelines: Under the 'Community' tab, draft clear guidelines for your subscribers regarding tagging in videos or comments.
  2. Enforcement: Make sure to actively enforce these guidelines by reviewing comments and community posts.

Recommendations for Enhanced Privacy

  • Regular Review: Regularly monitor comments and community posts for mentions.
  • Automated Filters: Use automated filters to block unwanted mentions.
  • Community Engagement: Engage with your community to educate them about appropriate tagging and mentioning practices.

Spikerz: Enhancing Social Media Safety

To further secure your online presence on platforms like YouTube, consider using Spikerz. This digital security tool offers:

  • Privacy Protection: Helps manage and filter out unwanted tags and mentions.
  • Impersonation Detection: Instagram impersonation is like a digital masquerade ball. It's a cunning practice where individuals or entities create fake Instagram accounts that closely mimic real users, brands, celebrities, or organizations. Spikerz alerts you to potential risks of impersonation or identity misuse.
  • Content Compliance Monitoring: Community guidelines are like the rules of the online playground. These guidelines are created by the platform to make sure everyone behaves well and treats each other with kindness. Our app automatically monitors mentions and tags for compliance with your set preferences, ensuring they align with your online persona.


While YouTube does not provide specific 'Tags and Mentions' settings, you can effectively manage your digital footprint through comment moderation and community guidelines. You can mitigate risks like unwanted content association and impersonation by actively controlling how you're mentioned or tagged. 

Spikerz empowers you to maintain a curated and secure online presence, ensuring a safer and more controlled digital experience. Remember, your privacy and reputation are invaluable assets that require vigilant protection.

Start your free trial with Spikerz and protect your YouTube account today!