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How to change messages settings on Facebook?

Facebook is a vibrant space of conversations, where messages from friends, family, and sometimes strangers converge. Adjusting your message settings on Facebook is a strategic move to ensure your online interactions are meaningful and secure. 

Think of this process as personalizing your corner in this vast network. It's less about withdrawing and more about optimizing your engagement. It's a conscious step towards a more tailored and secure Facebook experience. Changing message settings ensure that every message you receive aligns with your expectations and comfort.

The Importance of Privacy Settings

Adjusting your message settings on Facebook can significantly shield you from a range of online risks, including spam, unsolicited messages, and privacy breaches. These settings act as a customizable barrier, ensuring that only desired communications reach you, thus maintaining your online sanctity.

Tailoring your message settings on Facebook isn't just about avoiding unwanted content; it's about creating a personalized and enjoyable online experience. By customizing these settings, you enhance your privacy and ensure that your interactions on Facebook are more relevant and meaningful. This leads to a more enjoyable and less cluttered social media experience.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Start by logging into your Facebook account on the app or website.
  2. Click on the 3 lines at the top and select 'Settings'.
  3. Navigate to Privacy Settings: In the 'Settings' menu, find and click on 'Privacy & safety'.
  4. Under 'Who can reach you', review who can contact You in the 'Message delivery' setting. This includes settings for who can send you friend requests and who can look you up using the email address or phone number you provided.
  5. Go to the 'Blocking' and/or 'Restricted' section to manage who can contact you on Messenger. Here, you can block and/or restrict messages from specific people.

Additional Features for Enhanced Security

Facebook provides features to further enhance your messaging security:

  • Filter Message Requests: This feature, found under 'Message Delivery' settings, allows you to control who can send you message requests and how these requests are filtered.
  • Safe Browsing Features: Facebook's security settings include options to enable safe browsing, protecting you from malicious links and content.

Using a Third-Party Tool for Improved Security

For an extra layer of security, consider using third-party tools like Spikerz. Spikerz offers advanced features such as privacy protection, impersonation detection, and content compliance, enhancing your overall Facebook experience. With Spikerz, you can navigate your social media with increased confidence and peace of mind.


Customizing your message settings on Facebook is a simple yet effective way to protect your online interactions. It's about taking control of your digital footprint, and ensuring that your social media journey is both enjoyable and secure. By considering tools like Spikerz, you can further enhance your online security. This step makes your Facebook experience not just safer but also more aligned with your expectations. 

Take charge of your Facebook experience today. Explore Spikerz!