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Why Hackers Keep Stealing TikTok Accounts?

Ron Azogui
Ron Azogui
CTO & Co-founder at Spikerz
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Published -  
May 7, 2024
Why Hackers Keep Stealing TikTok Accounts?

To understand the motivation behind these cyber thefts, it's essential to recognize the value of a TikTok account. For many, it's not just a social media profile but a means to a livelihood. Influencers and content creators often depend on their online presence for income through brand partnerships, advertising revenue, and merchandising. A hacked account can lead to a significant financial loss and a tarnished reputation.

TikTok, the short-form video-sharing app, has surged in popularity, amassing a user base that spans the globe. With over a billion active users, TikTok is not just a platform for entertainment; it's a treasure trove for hackers. 

But what makes TikTok accounts such a coveted prize, and why are hackers so intent on stealing them? Let's find out.

Audience and Reach

TikTok accounts with large followings are particularly appealing to hackers. An established account can reach millions, making it an attractive vessel for spreading malware, scams, or political propaganda. A hacker controlling a popular TikTok account can push their agendas to a vast audience, often with a veneer of legitimacy that the original account owner provided.

Personal Data

Personal information is another draw for cybercriminals. TikTok accounts are linked to email addresses, phone numbers, and sometimes payment information. Hackers can exploit this data for identity theft and phishing attacks or sell it on the dark web.

Ransom and Resale

Hackers often hold accounts for ransom, demanding payment from the original owners to restore access. In other cases, they may sell high-profile accounts to the highest bidder. The going rate for these accounts can be steep, given their potential for revenue generation.

Tactics Used by Hackers

Hackers have developed many methods to breach TikTok accounts, each showcasing technical prowess and psychological manipulation. 

Phishing is a primary tactic where cybercriminals craft communications that mimic those from TikTok or related services, aiming to dupe users into voluntarily surrendering their login details. These deceptive messages often create a sense of urgency or fear, prompting users to click on malicious links, leading to counterfeit websites designed to collect credentials. 

The sophistication of these phishing attempts is alarming, as they may bypass users' initial skepticism by using official logos, similar email addresses, or language that mirrors genuine TikTok communications.

Another common approach involves apps that offer enticing features like analytics, follower enhancements, or exclusive content. Users, especially those eager to grow their online presence, may inadvertently give these seemingly benign services access to their TikTok accounts. However, this access can quickly become a nightmare as it turns out to be a front for data theft, giving hackers a backdoor into an account's sensitive information. 

Social engineering takes a more direct route; hackers can deceive or manipulate individuals into revealing personal account information or performing actions that compromise security. This approach exploits human psychology rather than technical vulnerabilities and is often challenging to detect and prevent.

Lastly, there are software vulnerabilities. These are chinks in the TikTok app's security that hackers exploit to gain unauthorized access. Despite TikTok's efforts to maintain high-security standards, no software system is entirely immune to the advances of hackers who relentlessly probe for and exploit any overlooked flaws. 

These vulnerabilities can range from coding errors to improperly secured databases. When discovered, they provide a potent weapon for cyber attackers to hijack TikTok accounts. Such software vulnerabilities pose a significant risk due to the potential immediate breach and because they can be used to implant dormant malware. This malware captures user information over time or spreads to other users, scaling the breach's impact exponentially.

High-profile incidents of compromised TikTok accounts have underscored the vulnerability of social media platforms to cyber attacks. In a notable instance, several TikTok influencers faced a disturbing scenario when they discovered their accounts had been locked and held for ransom. As reported by BBC News, these influencers were coerced to pay to retrieve access to their profiles. This type of digital extortion reveals the sinister side of cybercrime, where a user's online identity, followers, and potentially their revenue stream can be held hostage. 

The psychological and financial toll on the victims is considerable, as their personal brand and content, which often take years to build, can be jeopardized within moments.

The Role of Spikerz in Safeguarding TikTok Accounts

This is where Spikerz comes into play. Spikerz is a social media security app designed to protect users from the threats that have compromised many TikTok accounts.

Real-Time Protection

Spikerz provides real-time monitoring of account activity, alerting users to unusual actions that may indicate a breach. For example, suppose a login occurs from a unique location or at a strange time. Spikerz can flag it and notify the account owner immediately in that case.


Our software identifies individuals who falsely assume the identity of others or claim others' content as their own, typically in digital spaces such as social media, publishing platforms, or academic environments. Once such actors are identified, Spikerz takes appropriate measures to remove the offending content and possibly sanction the impersonators or plagiarists to maintain the content's integrity and protect the original creators' rights.


Spikerz is a cybersecurity solution designed to counteract phishing threats. By employing this protection, organizations or individuals can proactively defend against phishing attempts, thus shifting from a reactive posture to a more aggressive stance against cyber threats. This proactive defense helps to safeguard information and systems from being compromised.

Education and Support

Spikerz isn't just a tool; it's a resource. The app offers educational content to help users understand security risks and how to avoid them. Plus, it provides support to users who have been hacked, guiding them through the process of regaining control of their accounts.

How to Protect Your TikTok Account

Securing your TikTok account requires a proactive approach to privacy and cybersecurity. Here are some measures you can implement to safeguard your personal data and ensure your TikTok experience remains safe and enjoyable.

  1. Use Strong Passwords: Your first line of defense is a strong, complex password. Cybersecurity guidelines suggest a secure password should be at least 12 characters long, incorporating upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols to make it difficult for attackers to guess or crack through brute force methods.
  2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): By activating 2FA, you are introducing an additional security check to the login process. This means even if someone discovers your password, they cannot access your account without the second verification step, which usually involves a code sent to your mobile device or email.
  3. Be Skeptical of Third-Party Apps: Many third-party apps and services request access to your TikTok account. Before granting permissions, performing due diligence on the app's legitimacy is vital to ensure it's not a front for harvesting login credentials or personal data.
  4. Educate Yourself on Phishing Tactics: Phishing is a common method scammers use to trick individuals into giving away login information. Learn how to recognize phishing attempts, such as suspicious links or requests for your account details, and never provide your information to sources you haven't thoroughly verified as legitimate.
  5. Keep Your Software Updated: Regular updates to the TikTok app can include critical security patches that protect against new threats. Ensure you run the latest app version to implement these ongoing security improvements.


Hackers target TikTok accounts for their value—monetary, informational, and as platforms for influence. They gain unauthorized access to these accounts through phishing, exploiting third-party apps, and leveraging software vulnerabilities. The aftermath of such hacks can be devastating for content creators who rely on their digital presence.

Spikerz is leading the charge in social media account security, offering TikTok users the tools and education to protect their digital identities. By understanding the risks and implementing measures like those provided by Spikerz, TikTok users can continue to engage with their audience without falling prey to the ever-present threat of cybercriminals.


Q: How can hackers profit from stealing TikTok accounts? 

Answer: Hackers can profit from stolen TikTok accounts in various ways. They can exploit personal data like email addresses and payment information for identity theft or sell it on the dark web. Additionally, hackers may hold accounts for ransom and demand payment from the original owners to restore access. They can also sell high-profile accounts to the highest bidder, considering their potential for revenue generation.

Q: What kind of tactics do hackers use to steal TikTok accounts? 

Answer: Phishing is a common method where cybercriminals create deceptive messages that mimic TikTok communications, tricking users into surrendering their login details. Another approach involves enticing users with third-party apps offering features like analytics or follower enhancements, which can serve as a front for data theft. Social engineering allows hackers to manipulate individuals, exploiting psychology to reveal personal account information or compromise security. Lastly, hackers can exploit software vulnerabilities in the TikTok app itself to gain unauthorized access.

Q: How can a social security app like Spikerz help resolve the issue of stolen TikTok accounts? 

Answer: Spikerz provides real-time monitoring of account activity, alerting users to suspicious actions that may indicate a breach. Additionally, Spikerz helps identify individuals who impersonate others or claim content as their own, taking appropriate measures to maintain content integrity and protect original creators' rights. The app also offers educational content to help users understand security risks and provides support to hacked users in regaining control of their accounts.