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Monitoring your account non-stop can be tiring. Let us handle it, 24/7.

Command Your Account! 24/7 monitoring is in place to detect and deter suspicious changes, shielding your account from harm and potential loss before it happens.

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What are the risks of unmonitored accounts?


Reputation at Stake

If accounts aren't monitored, harmful content or negative comments can escalate into a PR crisis, harming your online reputation.


Uninformed of Major Changes

Social media platforms might not alert you to crucial account changes. Regular monitoring helps you stay informed and adapt your strategies.


Loss of Account Control

If you don't closely monitor your account, unexpected changes or follower spikes could go unnoticed, complicating recovery.


Potential Policy Violations

Social media platforms frequently change their terms. Without checks, you risk unintentional violations, leading to penalties or suspension


Lagging Reaction Times

Without monitoring, response to threats can be delayed. This intensifies the problem and reduces chances of recovery.


Security Vulnerabilities

Without regular monitoring, your accounts risk exposure to cyber threats like hacks or phishing, leading to potential data breaches.

How does Spikerz protect you?

Spikerz takes away the pressure to monitoring and check your account 24/7 and noticing every small change that can risk your account. This is how Spikerz do it:


Connect your account

Connect your social media account with Spikerz.

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Account monitoring

Spikerz keeps a close eye on your account activity, stats, and content, constantly on the lookout for any signs of potential threats.

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Real-Time Alerts

Spikerz keeps you in the loop with timely alerts, letting you know about important events as they happen or even before they strike.

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Peach Martine Profile Image
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Spikerz has been there for me!
They let me know exactly what
is going on with my account.
If social media account is
part of your business,
you have to make sure
it's safe and secured!


Singer & Song Writer

One of our trusted business partners
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I love the experience.
The best feature I absolutely
appreciate is the content checker.
That’s amazing.
I check Spikerz all the time,
run the scan and check for
impersonation, data breaches and
not once I am getting rid of the
followers that are identified as bots
by Spikerz.



Profile image of a content creator working with us
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I can’t thank you enough :)
everything has been running
smoothly now, ever since I made
the changes you tole me to my profile.
I look forward to continue
working with you!


Fashion Model

What Aspects Does Spikerz Keep an Eye On in Your Account?

Do you also monitor my content for the terms of use of the platforms?
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Can I stop the monitoring of my account?
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Why the social media alerts are not enough?
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