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Why Spikerz? The New World of Cybersecurity

Ron Storfer
Ron Storfer
CPO & Co-founder at Spikerz
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Published -  
April 30, 2024
Why Spikerz? The New World of Cybersecurity

Meet Spikerz, a cyber-security service that aims to help provide maximum social media safety to businesses, content creators & influencers. Spikerz’s efforts are especially dedicated towards social media safety to ensure people can pursue their passions and professions without malicious actors stealing their information and damaging their operations. 

Why Was Spikerz Created?

Spikerz’s main aim is to provide social media users maximum online safety through 24/7 active cyber-attack prevention and monitoring technology services. Spikerz’s founders actually created the cybersecurity platform when one of their close friends’ Instagram business account was hacked. The hackers asked for a massive ransom to return the account, and unfortunately, because there was no one there to help nor any social media protection service available, the victims’ were stuck with the extreme burden of paying the ransom and the daunting task of rebuilding their business’ reputation and social media following.

Initially, Spikerz’s creators thought this was just a rare incident. However, that was not the case, as they soon learned that thousands of other people were experiencing issues like these and were asked to pay massive amounts in ransom. Malicious attacks like these can cost people their reputation and a great deal of money. It can demoralize anyone and can cause them to avoid social media altogether. 

All of this encouraged Spikerz’s founders to put their decades of experience in social engineering and cybersecurity to good use and develop a cyber-security service. 

They were well aware of the importance of safeguarding assets by offering cyber-attack protection and making sure people's social media accounts are not blocked or hacked. That is precisely what Spikerz is doing today to make sure the hard work and time people put in their social media accounts does not go to the hands of malicious actors.

How Spikerz’s Products Work

Spikerz has gone above and beyond to create products and security features that effectively safeguard people’s social media profiles. Once someone signs up with Spikerz, the cybersecurity services’ features can protect them in the following ways. 

Content Backup

Spikerz makes sure that your accounts are safe and do not fall in the wrong hands. However, in the event something goes wrong, Spikerz backs up all of your content to ensure it will always remain safe.

Content Checker

Getting shadow banned or blocked can be terrible for anyone. This is where Spikerz steps and makes sure that you are aware of the latest platform rules to ensure your content does not break them. You can check your content using Spikerz’s content checker before or after you post it on social media, and it will immediately inform you if anything violates the platform’s rules or community guidelines so you can protect your account.

Bot Attack Prevention

Malicious actors often make use of bots to damage someone’s account engagement or even for blocking it. Once you sign up with Spikerz, they will identify whether the people engaging with your profile are real or bots and who, if any, is hurting your account’s growth.

Hacked/Blocked Account Recovery Chatbot

Sometimes, online support on social platforms just isn’t helpful. This is why Spikerz makes sure that their advanced chatbot helps people in case their account is hacked, blocked, under some form of cyber-attack, or facing an issue with the platform. Spikerz’s chatbot ensures users receive quick and timely solutions.

Phishing Detector

Digital attacks and bots are not the only problems that social media users have to deal with. In some cases, hackers also utilize psychological tactics to enter your account. Spikerz can detect and alert you about attacks like these, making sure you can take action against the perpetrators.

Impersonators Detector & Removal

The Spikerz algorithm scans for users impersonating you on social media platforms and alerts you whenever we detect new impersonators. Spikerz also assists with reporting the account and deleting him from the platform. 

Darkweb Detector

Spikerz keeps a close eye on your profile to look out for data leaks and hacking attempts, notifying you right away in case something goes wrong.

Shadowban Detector & Removal

Spikerz detects if your account is under a shadowban, which significantly decreases your social media account engagement. This scenario happens for many reasons, but the most common is violating the platform's terms of use. Violating the terms of use can be occurred due to uploading content that violates the terms, acting like a bot, buying fake followers, and any other suspicious activity.  

Spikerz’s Role In The Cybersecurity World And Its Plan For Long Term Growth

Cybersecurity is more important than ever and people must take the necessary measures to ensure their digital assets are safe and their account is never hacked or banned. Spikerz is well aware of such issues, which is why they offer people with effective security solutions against cybercrime, social media bans and the unfortunate plethora of cyber-attacks. If you want to steer clear from impersonators, potential platform bans or any other problems that plague the cyberspace, you would be a fool not to sign up with Spikerz for effective cybercrime prevention and social media protection.