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Security Engagement - What Is It & How To Protect Your Account?

Ron Storfer
Ron Storfer
CPO & Co-founder at Spikerz
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Published -  
April 30, 2024
Security Engagement - What Is It & How To Protect Your Account?

Security engagement might be a new term to you, but it is overwhelmingly important to understanding the modern landscape of social media. Whether you are an influencer, content creator, business owner, or even an ordinary social media user, your account engagement is being monitored unlike ever before, and it is time to start considering new ways of protecting your accounts. Read more to understand security engagement and its ever-evolving importance in the world of social media, and how Spikerz is dedicated to securing your accounts in the face of new cyber-threats and challenges.

Understanding Security Engagement

Everyday our world is becoming more and more virtual and connected because we’re attached at the hip to technology and social media. Underlying the immense growth of social media is a race for engagement - whether it be influencers, content creators, major companies or small businesses - all are vying for your attention. Social media engagement drives growth, and as a result, your engagement is under attack!

There are two main aspects of cybersecurity concerning social media, but only one is really given attention from the media and cybersecurity companies. Much of the current focus on cybersecurity is dedicated to protecting against hacking attempts and other social engineering attacks, however, as the business of social media has developed, so have the modern challenges that come with it. The other aspect of cybersecurity that is rarely addressed is Security Engagement - which pertains to a more holistic approach to social media security that equally meets the needs of the new age of social media and its intersection with business.

Security engagement goes beyond hacking; it is an all encompassing approach to securing and protecting users’ engagement on all social media platforms. This involves protecting influencers’ and content creators’ content portfolio, actively monitoring account engagement through detecting irregularities in likes, comments, and followers, and protecting all accounts (particularly business and influencer accounts) from bad actors trying to sabotage their engagement.

New Challenges in the Social Media Landscape

In this new age of social media - where over 90% of marketers utilize social media for business combined with the high concentration of influencers and content creators monetizing themselves as brands - a new set of security challenges have arisen that are directly related to account engagement. Influencers, content creators, businesses, and even ordinary users are forced to constantly worry about their accounts being threatened or targeted through fake accounts, bots, crypto schemes, among many others that are all trying to sabotage their account engagement, and therefore, sabotaging their income, reputation and business (No One Is SAFE: Disneyland Instagram Hacked & How We Move Forward). AND, there is another big threat to account engagement that malicious actors will use to their advantage - the platforms themselves. 

TikTok and Instagram have made significant changes to their platforms in recent years, and are constantly updating their terms of service and community rules/guidelines. Because of this, the content and language that is uploaded to these platforms every single day is looked at much more closely and accounts are subject to more scrutiny and penalties than ever before. TikTok and Instagram will impose “shadowbans” on several accounts which reduces accounts’ engagement with their followers as well as the platform (FYP presence, etc.) without officially alerting the owner of the account. These shadowbans are often triggered by engagement with bots, influxes of fake likes, comments, or followers, or content that is deemed inappropriate and in violation of the platform’s terms of service (How To Remove Shadowban On TikTok?). The definition of “inappropriate” seems to be changing regularly so many users are often punished for posting content that seems ordinary and an accepted part of everyday life. Shadowbans often come with significant consequences, especially for influencers and businesses. If an influencer is shadowbanned, the companies or brands they work with are immediately damaged because engagement with their campaigns is diminished.

So, with a new set of security challenges in the world of social media comes a new way of addressing these challenges, right? Right! Spikerz is the first ever company dedicated to security engagement. Spikerz is a social media protection platform that secures, protects, and prevents accounts from sabotage through our 24/7 monitoring technology and AI capabilities. 

When it comes to the business of social media, businesses, influencers and content creators are judged by their portfolio of past content just as much as they are by their new content. Developing a content portfolio of length and quality is integral to staying relevant and successful in this world, which is why it is so important to be vigilant in protecting your account and your work! It is not enough to simply protect your social media account from hacking or banning threats. You must protect your account from the vast array of security engagement threats, but you can’t do it by yourself! It’s virtually impossible for you to protect your account from these threats 24/7 while simultaneously trying to grow your business, brand or account.

This is why we created Spikerz; we are here to help you! Let us worry about ALL of your accounts’ security needs so you can focus on doing what you do best - growing your business/account! Spikerz is a company dedicated to meeting the essential needs of the new age of business security.

We invite you to click Here to join the Spikerz family and start securing your engagement!