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Best Ways to Check If You Are Shadowbanned on TikTok

Nathan Rosenberg
Nathan Rosenberg
Content Writer at Spikerz
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Published -  
May 22, 2024
Best Ways to Check If You Are Shadowbanned on TikTok

Being shadowbanned on TikTok can feel like shouting into a void. You put in the effort to create engaging content, but your videos seem to reach fewer viewers than they used to. Or they may not appear in your followers' feeds at all. 

Shadowbanning is a silent hurdle that can prevent your growth on social media. However, there are ways to diagnose and address this issue. This article will guide you through various methods to determine if you're shadowbanned, explore why it might happen, and introduce how Spikerz, a social media security tool, can help maintain a "clean" account status.

What Is a Shadowban?

A shadowban is an unofficial punishment where a platform limits the visibility of a user's content without notification. This restriction often causes users to experience a sudden decline in engagement, including fewer likes, comments, and views. Such bans are frustrating because the affected users are not informed. They only suspect a shadowban when their content does not appear on other users' "For You" pages or similar feeds.

This issue is not unique to TikTok; it is common across various social media platforms. Online searches for "Am I shadowbanned" and "TikTok shadowban test" indicate that many users are anxious about losing their content's reach. They want to know the right solutions. The widespread nature of this problem shows that it's a significant issue within the social media community as it affects users' ability to share and engage with their followers. 

Shadowbanning can affect content creators who rely on platform visibility for audience engagement and growth. When posts do not appear in discovery algorithms, it can drastically reduce the number of potential viewers who see the content. This reduction in visibility can hinder the growth of a user's audience, making it challenging to reach new followers.

Signs You Might Be Shadowbanned

Detecting a shadowban on TikTok can be puzzling since the process is typically concealed and not communicated to the user. Below, we explore some of the key signs that could alert you to the possibility of being shadowbanned.

Low Engagement Rate

A common sign of a shadowban is a significant drop in engagement rates. This includes fewer likes, comments, and shares. If your previously popular account suddenly sees a decline in interaction, a shadowban might be the cause. However, it's crucial to first rule out other factors, such as changes in content quality relevance or broader shifts in platform algorithms.

High Amount of Bot Followers

An unusually high proportion of bot followers can trigger TikTok to shadowban your account. Bots are typically non-engaging profiles; too many can signal that your influence is artificially inflated. This can lead to decreased visibility of your posts as a measure to counteract spam and maintain user experience quality.

"Clean" Account Status

Maintaining a "clean" account status is important. This means ensuring your account does not violate TikTok's community guidelines or terms of service. Infractions like copyrighted music misuse, inappropriate content, or manipulative hashtag use can lead to a shadowban. Regular audits of your account to ensure compliance can help prevent shadowbanning.

How to Check If You're Shadowbanned on TikTok

Here are a few tips to help you check if your account has been shadowbanned on TikTok.

Analyze Your Analytics

Analyzing your TikTok analytics is a crucial first step in detecting a potential shadowban. By reviewing key metrics such as "watch time" and "views," you can identify unusual decreases that may suggest your content's visibility has been limited. Observing these metrics over a consistent period—typically a few days to a week—is important to distinguish between normal variability and actual signs of a shadowban.

When examining your analytics, focus on patterns that deviate from your usual performance trends. A consistent decline in engagement and reach across several posts, rather than just one, can be a stronger indicator of a shadowban. Ensure you compare this data against similar previous periods to rule out other factors like seasonal changes in user activity or recent updates.

Use the Spikerz’ TikTok Shadowban Test

Because TikTok does not offer an official tool to detect shadowbans, a third-party shadowban calculator like Spikerz can quickly assess your account's visibility. These online tools analyze your account's recent activity and compare it to known shadowban criteria. 

Spikerz Shadowban Calculator: Check if your Instagram or TikTok account is shadowbanned for free!

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To conduct an informal test, post new content, and monitor its reach and engagement meticulously. This could indicate a shadowban if these new posts receive significantly fewer interactions, such as likes, comments, and shares, particularly from users who do not follow you. This method compares current post-performance against historical data from your profile to identify any dramatic shifts.

Observing the response from non-followers is particularly telling because shadowbans often remove or reduce the appearance of your content on non-followers "For You" pages. If your analytics show a decrease in how often non-followers interact with your posts, it suggests that your content's discoverability might be hindered by a shadowban. Regular monitoring and testing can provide ongoing feedback about your account's status. 

Search Your Username

Another way to assess whether you've been shadowbanned on TikTok is to search for your account using a profile that does not follow you. This can help you determine your profile and posts' visibility to the wider TikTok community. If your account or recent posts do not appear or are difficult to find in search results, it might indicate that TikTok has limited your reach.

To do this test effectively, use a friend's account or create a new one. Enter your username in the search bar and note whether your account shows up in the results and if your latest posts are visible. A consistent failure for your content to appear in search results from an account that doesn't follow you suggests a shadowban might be in place, impacting your ability to reach new audiences.

End Note

Dealing with the uncertainty of TikTok's shadowban can be daunting, but understanding the signs and how to test for them can empower you to reclaim your reach and engagement. 

If you suspect a shadowban, take immediate action. Use the tips and tools discussed, like Spikerz's innovative shadowban calculators, to diagnose and address issues limiting your content's visibility. Being proactive about your account's health is crucial for maintaining your presence and influence on TikTok.

Don't let a shadowban prevent your growth on TikTok! Check your account today with Spikerz's free shadowban calculators and take control of your social media success!


  1. What are the common signs that I might be shadowbanned on TikTok? 

Common signs include a noticeable drop in engagement, such as fewer likes, comments, and shares, and your content not appearing on the "For You" page of users who don't follow you. Consistently low engagement from new viewers can also be a strong indicator.

  1. How can I use Spikerz to determine if I am shadowbanned on TikTok? 

Spikerz provides a range of tools to help identify if you are shadowbanned. Using their shadowban calculators, you can analyze the recent activity on your account to see if it matches the typical criteria for a shadowban. This can help you understand if TikTok has limited your visibility and what steps you might take to resolve the issue.

  1. Is it possible to be shadowbanned for using specific hashtags on TikTok? 

Yes, using banned or spammy hashtags can trigger a shadow ban. TikTok may restrict visibility for posts using hashtags previously associated with violations of their community guidelines or terms of service.

  1. What steps can I take to avoid getting shadowbanned on TikTok? 

Maintain a clean account status by adhering to TikTok's community guidelines. Avoid spam-like behavior (such as posting repetitive content or using irrelevant hashtags), and regularly audit your account for any signs of bot followers or other factors that could affect your credibility on the platform.

  1. How effective is Spikerz in resolving shadowbans on social media platforms? 

Spikerz effectively identifies the reasons behind a shadowban and can provide actionable insights to help you rectify any issues. We can help maintain a clean account by monitoring follower quality and ensuring your content complies with platform guidelines, which can be crucial in preventing and resolving shadowbans.