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How The Potential TikTok Ban In The US Can Affect Creators And 5 Things They Must Do Now

Ron Storfer
Ron Storfer
CPO & Co-founder at Spikerz
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Published -  
March 27, 2024
How The Potential TikTok Ban In The US Can Affect Creators And 5 Things They Must Do Now

The possibility of a TikTok ban in the United States has sent shockwaves through the social media world, leaving many creators uncertain about their future on the platform. The concern stems from concerns over user data privacy and national security risks associated with the Chinese-owned app.

The Trump administration had previously attempted to ban the app in the US, citing similar concerns, but the ban was blocked by a federal court in September 2020. However, the Biden administration is currently reviewing whether to continue the legal battle over the app's fate in the US.

With so much uncertainty, it's essential for TikTok creators to take proactive steps to protect themselves and their content.

Here are five things they must do now:

  1. Backup Your Account Data with Spikerz - As a TikTok creator, your content is your livelihood. If the platform is banned, you risk losing all your content and hard work. That's where Spikerz comes in - a backup tool that saves all your social media content automatically. With Spiekrz, you can rest assured that your content is secure and easily transferable to another platform.
  2. Make an Email List of Your Followers - Another important step is to collect your followers' email addresses. This will enable you to stay in touch with them even if TikTok is banned. Using a simple Google form, you can collect email addresses and keep your followers informed about your future plans and new content.
  3. Diversify Your Social Media Presence - While TikTok may be your primary platform, it's important to diversify your social media presence. Consider creating accounts on other popular platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, or Twitch. This will help you reach a broader audience and ensure that you have a backup plan in case TikTok is banned.
  4. Build Your Personal Brand - As a TikTok creator, your personal brand is your biggest asset. If TikTok is shut down, your personal brand will be what carries you forward. It's important to focus on building your personal brand outside of TikTok by creating a website or blog and sharing your expertise on other platforms such as LinkedIn or Medium. Building a strong personal brand will not only help you attract new opportunities, but it will also help you retain your existing fanbase if you need to transition to a new platform.
  5. Connect with Your Fans Outside of TikTok - One of the biggest risks of a TikTok shutdown is losing touch with your fans. That's why it's important to connect with them outside of the platform. Encourage them to follow you on other social media accounts or sign up for your email list. Consider creating exclusive content or merchandise that is only available to your most dedicated fans. By building a strong connection with your fans outside of TikTok, you can ensure that your content and brand continue to thrive even if the platform is shut down.

In conclusion, the potential TikTok ban in the US has created a lot of uncertainty for creators on the platform. However, by taking proactive steps to protect themselves and their content, TikTok creators can continue to thrive and grow their social media presence. By backing up their content with Spikerz, collecting email addresses from their followers, diversifying their social media presence, building their personal brand, and connecting with their fans outside of TikTok, creators can ensure their success no matter what happens with the platform.