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5 Ways To Protect Your Instagram Account From Hacking

Ron Storfer
Ron Storfer
CPO & Co-founder at Spikerz
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Published -  
May 7, 2024
5 Ways To Protect Your Instagram Account From Hacking

The increasing rate of cyber insecurity is becoming alarming. Are you a brand owner with a verified Instagram account? Or are you a content creator just growing a network of followers on Instagram? Hackers often target influencers and business owners with a growing network of followers and engagement. The last thing you want is for hackers to get a hold of your account.

Many celebrities like LeBron James have fallen victim to hackers. These hackers also impersonate these celebrities to scam other Instagram users.

Cybercrime is on the rise, and while you are focusing on building a strong engagement of your brand on Instagram you need to know how to protect your account from any possible hacking.

Here Are Five Ways To Protect Your Instagram From Hackers

1. Use A Strong Password

Now that you're aware that hackers are attempting to hijack users' accounts, keep in mind that they're not just after confirmed accounts. As a result, while creating your account, you should pick a strong and unique password to decrease the odds of hackers gaining access to your personal information.

To protect your account from unauthorized access, you should utilize auto-generated passwords and password managers. You can't expect all users to be tech-savvy, but you can strive to be cautious. Always check your Instagram app to ensure that your account is secure.

Aside from creating a strong password, make sure your email is protected. Because your accounts are linked to your mail, it is critical to secure your email account.

2. Use Two-Factor Authentication

This strategy is quite effective, and it has been adopted into various social media websites to secure the safety of its users. You may safeguard your account with two-factor authentication by entering a security code. When you try to enter into enter your account, a code will be emailed to you to authenticate your identity.

Simply pick the two-factor authentication option in the Instagram settings to get started. Authentication settings can be set using a text message or an authentication app. If you're sending a text message, you'll need to provide a valid phone number. As a result, anytime someone tries to log into your account, you'll be prompted to input a security code supplied to you.

3. Examine Your Login History

Instagram has a good feature to assist users keep their accounts safe. It's crucial to keep track of your account's login activity, especially if you've recently utilized a third-party app. This prevents anyone else from gaining access to your account. Log out of any devices where your account is visible.

4. Access To Questionable Third-Party Programs Is Blocked

Some websites, such as online dating services, may require you to log in using your Instagram account. Through the website, hackers might simply gain access to your personal information. As a result, before entering in your account details, you should log out of any third-party apps and double-check that the app is safe.

You may also manage your third-party app by going to the security settings and picking "apps and websites." This option allows you to see which third-party apps have access to your account. You must uninstall any suspicious apps that you believe could lead to a data breach. Your password can also be changed.

5. Protect Your Data

While attempting to safeguard your account from hacking, you should use auto-save to protect your data, photographs, and video. This assures that if your account is hacked or your data is lost, you will have access to it. All you have to do is go to your Instagram app's account settings. Turn on the auto-save feature, then select "original photos" or "original posts" to save on your iPhone or Android. On the other hand, you can use the Spikerz backup feature to backup your content to avoid losing all your data if your account gets blocked or hacked.

The good news is that users may avoid the headache of securing their Instagram accounts on their own. Now you can use our platform to protect your social media account from being hacked or even blocked.

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