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Don't let hackers wip your valuable content. Let us securely archive it.

Archive your social media content with Spikerz secured Cloud and know that you can always recover it.

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What’s the risk of not
backing up your account?


Account destruction

In the case of a hacking event, Hackers tend to delete the content you generated and destroy your account.


Impossible to download

Most platforms allow you to download your account content, but in the cases of hacking and banning you will not have access.


Starting from scratch

Instead of uploading all your previous content in a few clicks, you will need to generate new content all over again, wasting hours.


Data Loss Nightmare

Not having a backup for your social media account can lead to a disastrous loss of valuable content. If your account gets hacked, suspended, or deleted, you can say goodbye to all the photos, videos, messages, and cherished memories you've shared.


Bye Bye online presence

Without a backup, reestablishing your online presence, authenticity and engagement is practically impossible.

How do Spikerz
archive your content?

Spikerz makes it easy to archive all of your content. Here's how it works:


Connect your account

Connect your social media account with Spikerz.

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Choose what you want to archive

Spikerz will archive and protect 24/7 any content you upload.

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Download anytime

Be the owner of your content and download it anytime, any place, making it easy to access and control.

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Join thousands of creators and companies using this feature to keep your accounts safe and secure!

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Peach Martine Profile Image
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Spikerz has been there for me!
They let me know exactly what
is going on with my account.
If social media account is
part of your business,
you have to make sure
it's safe and secured!


Singer & Song Writer

One of our trusted business partners
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I love the experience.
The best feature I absolutely
appreciate is the content checker.
That’s amazing.
I check Spikerz all the time,
run the scan and check for
impersonation, data breaches and
not once I am getting rid of the
followers that are identified as bots
by Spikerz.



Profile image of a content creator working with us
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I can’t thank you enough :)
everything has been running
smoothly now, ever since I made
the changes you tole me to my profile.
I look forward to continue
working with you!


Fashion Model

How does Spikerz archive all my content?
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How safe is the Spikerz Cloud?
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Is it possible to delete all the backed-up content?
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Can I try Spikerz's Archive Tool for free?
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