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1 In 4 Comments On Your IG Account Are Engagement Shattering Spam.

Spam comments distract your followers, ruin your brand's voice, and put your social account's safety at risk. Let Smip keep your comments clean.

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What’s the risk of
Spammy Comments?


Negative User Experience

Spammy comments can create a poor user experience for both you and your genuine followers. They clutter your comment section, making engaging in meaningful conversations and interactions difficult.


Loss of Credibility

Excessive spammy comments can harm your credibility and reputation. When users see a high volume of irrelevant or promotional comments, they may question the authenticity and value of your content or brand.


Reduced Engagement

Spammy comments tend to discourage genuine engagement. When your comment section is filled with irrelevant or repetitive content, it can discourage real users from leaving meaningful comments or engaging with your posts.


Damage to Brand Image

Spammy comments can damage your brand image if your social media account represents a brand or business. It can create the perception that your brand is associated with spam or unethical practices, which can deter potential customers or clients.


Algorithmic Impact

Some social media platforms use algorithms to determine the visibility and reach of your content. Excessive spammy comments can negatively affect your content's performance, as algorithms may view them as low-quality interactions, potentially limiting the visibility of your posts.


Wasted Resources

Dealing with spammy comments requires time and effort. Moderating and removing spam can divert your attention from more important activities, such as engaging with genuine followers or creating valuable content.

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How does Spikerz Shield you from Phishing & Scams?

Spikerz takes away the hassle for removing all spammy comment on your account, making your account safe again. Here's how it works:


Connect your account

Connect your social media account with Spikerz.

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Filter settings

Choose what type of comments you want to filter out, for example, phishing, scams, hates speech and suspicious links.

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Remove Comments

Get instant alerts if Spikerz detects a suspicious message or scam in your DMs.

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Join thousands of creators and companies using this feature to keep your accounts safe and secure!

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Peach Martine Profile Image
Quote icon

Spikerz has been there for me!
They let me know exactly what
is going on with my account.
If social media account is
part of your business,
you have to make sure
it's safe and secured!


Singer & Song Writer

One of our trusted business partners
Quote icon

I love the experience.
The best feature I absolutely
appreciate is the content checker.
That’s amazing.
I check Spikerz all the time,
run the scan and check for
impersonation, data breaches and
not once I am getting rid of the
followers that are identified as bots
by Spikerz.



Profile image of a content creator working with us
Quote icon

I can’t thank you enough :)
everything has been running
smoothly now, ever since I made
the changes you tole me to my profile.
I look forward to continue
working with you!


Fashion Model

What platforms do you support?
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Currently, we provide features for managing Instagram and YouTube comments by leveraging their official APIs. This guarantees your account's security, as we don't have any access to your passwords.

What types of comments do you detect and delete?
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We identify potential threats such as phishing attempts, scams, and suspicious links that could lead to your followers being hacked or scammed. Additionally, we monitor for hate speech and spam comments.

Is it safe to give Spikerz access to my social media profiles?
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Absolutely! We use secure methods to connect to your profiles and prioritize your privacy and safety.

Can I try it for free?
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Yes, you can get started with a free trial to experience how Smip can enhance your social media engagement.

How often do you scan my comments?
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We provide round-the-clock monitoring of your comments, vigilantly scanning for any comments that may be suspicious or pose a risk.