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Get a comprehensive report on your followers to identify which accounts are bots, inactive, fake, or suspicious. Boost your engagement and audience quality by removing these accounts from your followers list today!

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Why do bots hurt your account?


Account Loss

A hacker can wipe out your meticulously created content and entire account. Safeguard yourself from such irreversible loss.


Ransom Situations

Hacking or account bans can render your archive inaccessible, leaving you susceptible to data loss or hefty ransoms.


Reputation Destruction

A data breach can expose sensitive information, causing a severe blow to your reputation and online presence.


Client Data Breaches

If you're a brand or business, protect your sensitive client information from being leaked due to a security breach.

We are here for you to fight against fake followers & bots

How do you check an account for fake followers?
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What are fake accounts?
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How do I spot a fake follower or a bot?
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