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What to Do if Your Instagram Account Has Been Hacked?

Ron Storfer
Ron Storfer
CPO & Co-founder at Spikerz
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Published -  
December 7, 2023
What to Do if Your Instagram Account Has Been Hacked?

Do you have a strong Instagram presence as a creator, fast-rising influencer, or a business owner? Is it possible that your Instagram account has been hacked? We know how stressful it is, but losing your temper won’t help so hang tight and let us help.

You are not alone. There are cases of famous celebs whose accounts were hacked. The Popular singer and actress Selena Gomez's account, with over 120 million followers on her Instagram account, was hacked. Hacking isn't something new, but quick actions must be taken against the act. Other celebs whose IG account has been hacked due to data breaches include; Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Robert Downey Jr, Nicole Scherzinger, Yanet Garcia, and Chloe Moretz. These celebrities had successfully grown many followers on their account before it was hacked.

Although we think that big celebs are mostly the target of social media hacks, people with a few followers can also be hacked.

Here's how to get your account back:


How You Can Retrieve Your Instagram Account?


A few important things before you start, please make sure you have a connection to your email and phone you've registered with to Instagram. If you don’t have one, skip to the last part.


1. Check for an email from Instagram

Step 1: Go to your mail that is connected to your Instagram.

Step 2: Check for an email from Instagram notifying you that your password has been changed.

Step 3: Open the email and click on ”secure my account.”

Step 4: Follow the instructions written by Instagram and get your hacked account back.

If you can't login to your account, please proceed to the next method.


2. Recover your account via Instagram app

Step 1: Open your Instagram app

Step 2: At the login screen, select ”Get help signing in” (on Android) or ”Forgotten password” (on iOS).

Step 3: Fill in your phone number or email address in the fields below.

Step 4: Wait for Instagram to send you an email with instructions on how to regain access to your account.

Since some hackers would immediately alter your username and password, denying you total access, this strategy may not always succeed. Instagram will tell you that your username is invalid if this is the case. Then you'll need to think about another choice.


3. Go to the Instagram support page for more information.

You can also try to recover your compromised account by contacting Instagram directly through their email. Because Instagram has a system to deal with hacking, this strategy is considered effective.

Send an email to your Instagram email address using the email you used to register your Instagram. The mail address to send the email to is:

In this email, please write about what happened, when it happened, and please add photos and evidence that proves that the account belongs to you.

Following the submission of your support request, Instagram will contact you. By proving your identity, you must adhere to security measures.

  • You will be given a code, which you must write down on paper. Then you must take a selfie while holding the paper.
  •  You must supply the working email address or phone number that you used to create the account.
  • Instagram will match your selfie to the photographs on your IG photos to verify that you are the account's owner.

After recovering your account, please make sure that you check the login activity of the account and make sure nobody has any connection to your account. In addition, you need to add two-factor authentication to secure your account from future hacking.

However, this does not guarantee you total protection because, as an influencer or business, you will still be targeted for hacking attempts and cyber attacks. Therefore, you should use Spikerz to protect your social media account from hacking, cyber-attacks, and even disabling Instagram.

If you still didn't get your account back

If you still didn't get your Instagram account back, you can use our Free Chatbot to recover your hacked account. You will also receive additional support and tools and it contains all the information you need. You should not hesitate to chat with our chatbot or contact us via email for further inquiry on how to secure your account.