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Bot Removal - What to Do; What Not to Do

Nathan Rosenberg
Nathan Rosenberg
Content Writer at Spikerz
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Published -  
April 19, 2024
Bot Removal - What to Do; What Not to Do

The presence of fake followers on Instagram has become a significant challenge for users and businesses. Fake IG followers can skew engagement rates, misrepresent follower counts, and dilute the authenticity of interaction. 

This comprehensive guide will walk you through how to get rid of bots. We will highlight the pitfalls to avoid and introduce how Spikerz, a cutting-edge social media security tool.

Understanding Instagram Bot Followers

Understanding what Instagram bot followers are and how they operate is crucial. Instagram bots can range from accounts programmed to post specific content to malicious entities designed to spam, phish for personal information, or artificially inflate follower numbers. The common denominator? They're all fake.

The draw of quick gains in followers has led many to resist purchasing fake Instagram followers. However, the long-term consequences far outweigh the short-lived vanity metrics.

The Dos of Bot Removal

The battle against fake IG followers is ongoing and requires a strategic approach. Understanding and implementing effective strategies for bot removal is crucial for maintaining the authenticity of your online presence.

Regular Audits of Your Follower List

Regularly checking your follower list serves as a critical shield against bot infiltration. You can spot and weed out imposters by inspecting accounts for red flags like generic or absent profile pictures, nonsensical usernames, and scant to no account activity. These indicators often signal the presence of bots masked as genuine followers. 

Engage With Your Genuine Audience

By actively posting content and engaging in meaningful exchanges with your followers, you strengthen the sense of community. This approach enhances the genuineness of your online presence. It also shows IG fake followers that their superficial engagement tactics are unwelcome. Genuine engagement is critical to creating a bot-resistant environment.

Use Spikerz

Spikerz stands out for its precision and effectiveness. This tool analyzes patterns of behavior and engagement to distinguish genuine followers from bots. Spikerz's algorithms identify fake followers on Instagram, ensuring your social media metrics reflect genuine engagement. Its implementation signifies a proactive step to strengthen your defenses against the pervasive challenge of bots.

Reporting and Blocking

Using Instagram's built-in mechanisms for reporting and blocking provides a direct method to combat bots. This reactive strategy allows users to take immediate action against suspicious accounts, contributing to the platform's overall cleanliness. By diligently reporting and blocking these fake IG followers, you protect your account from their influence. 

The Don'ts of Bot Removal

Understanding what not to do in the fight against bots is as crucial as knowing the right steps. These guidelines serve as a roadmap to protecting the authenticity and security of your account against Instagram fake followers. By removing these pitfalls, you can maintain a healthy and genuine social media presence that reflects your actual value to your audience.

Buying Fake Followers on Instagram

The quick fix of buying followers to expand numbers is a deceptive practice that undermines the true value of your social media presence. This shortcut may offer an immediate boost in appearance, but it damages your credibility and potentially violates Instagram's terms of service. Engaging in this practice can also alert Instagram's algorithm to irregular activity, risking further scrutiny or sanctions.

Engaging with Fake IG Followers

Interacting with bots or suspicious accounts is counterproductive and can worsen the problem. Such interactions may inadvertently encourage more bots to follow and engage with your account. It's important to maintain a vigilant stance against these entities. You need a discerning eye to distinguish and distance yourself from these artificial interactions. This vigilance helps maintain a clean, bot-free environment that fosters authentic engagement.

Neglecting Your Account Security

Bots often exploit weak security measures to gain unauthorized access or deploy bots. Ensure your account has a strong, unique password, and be cautious about who has access to it. This effectively builds a barrier against potential threats. Regular security audits and updates are fundamental practices that prevent unauthorized access and keep your digital space clear of unwelcome intrusions.

Overusing Automated Tools

While automation tools can significantly aid in managing your social media presence and identifying bots, overdependence on these tools can detract from the authenticity of your engagement. Authentic interaction is the cornerstone of social media, and overly automated responses can alienate your genuine audience. It's important to strike a healthy balance, utilizing automation efficiently while ensuring your engagement remains genuine. This balance ensures that your account remains a space for real connections. 

Get Rid of Bots with Spikerz

Spikerz emphasizes the importance of protecting accounts from bots that can sabotage metrics and engagement. This damage can undermine engagement authenticity and impact the overall health of the social media network​.

Spikerz uses multiple protective measures to prevent bots on social media platforms. These include real-time monitoring to detect and address suspicious activities, ensuring content compliance with platform community guidelines to avoid penalties like shadowbans, and employing advanced techniques to identify and eliminate impersonators or content plagiarists. 

Spikerz Bot Detection Feature

Moreover, Spikerz's services include phishing protection, spam protection, and guarding against bots that disrupt social media accounts​.

Spikerz aims to keep social media accounts safe and their interactions genuine by maintaining continuous vigilance and employing proactive measures. This helps maintain the integrity of social media platforms as spaces for authentic engagement and growth, free from the disruptive influence of bots and other malicious entities​.

Final Note

Learning how to remove bots on Instagram requires vigilance and a proactive approach to maintain the integrity of your digital presence. Removing bots from your Instagram account is more than cleaning up your follower list. It is also about preserving the authenticity of your interactions and protecting your online reputation.

Using tools like Spikerz, engage genuinely with your audience and stay informed about the best practices for bot removal. With these strategies, you can ensure that your growth on Instagram reflects genuine interest and engagement, laying the foundation for lasting success in the digital arena.

Ready to lift the shadow from your Instagram account? Contact Spikerz today and turn your social media journey from invisible to invincible!


  1. How can identifying and removing Instagram bot followers affect my social media strategy?

Removing bots from your Instagram account can significantly enhance the authenticity and quality of your audience engagement. This improves your brand's credibility and ensures that your engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares) reflect genuine interest, which is crucial for developing a successful social media strategy.

  1. What are the common signs of fake IG followers, and how can I quickly identify them?

Common signs include generic or no profile pictures, usernames that are a random string of letters and numbers, no or minimal posts, and spammy comments. Recognizing these signs can help you swiftly identify and remove bots from your followers' list.

  1. How can a social security app like Spikerz assist in maintaining the authenticity of my Instagram account?

Spikerz can help by using advanced algorithms to analyze follower behavior and engagement patterns, distinguishing between genuine followers and bots. By identifying and removing bots, Spikerz ensures that your engagement metrics accurately reflect your actual audience, maintaining the authenticity of your account.

  1. Besides getting rid of bots, what other precautions can I take to prevent bots from following my account in the first place?

Implementing a mix of solid account security measures, being selective about who you follow and engage with, and avoiding participation in follow-for-follow schemes can significantly reduce the chances of bots infiltrating your follower list. Regular audits and using security apps like Spikerz can further fortify your account against bots.

  1. Can bots affect the performance of my sponsored posts or ads on Instagram?

Yes, bots can negatively impact the performance of sponsored posts by inflating engagement with inauthentic interactions, which can skew analytics and waste ad spending targeting non-human accounts.