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5 Ways To Protect Your TikTok Account From Getting Banned

Ron Storfer
Ron Storfer
CPO & Co-founder at Spikerz
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Published -  
May 7, 2024
5 Ways To Protect Your TikTok Account From Getting Banned

If your account gets banned and you don’t post content for a few days, you might incur a loss. Also, constant temporary or shadowbans can lead to a permanent ban, which means you will lose the followership you have built over the years.

TikTok’s algorithms are well-built and have the ability to catch any illegal and unappealing content. This means that your account might be suspended suddenly and without any warnings. The TikTok algorithm uses several factors to determine which users and views should not be a part of the TikTok community. They check user interactions through shares, likes, and account followers. The platform also evaluates hashtags, audio, and caption.

TikTok Banning: Unraveling the Mystery

Getting banned on TikTok is like being asked to leave the coolest party in the virtual town. TikTok's algorithms, the invisible wizards of the platform, are on constant watch. They evaluate your every move, analyzing interactions, hashtags, audio, and captions to decide who gets to stay and who faces exile. Violent content, threats, self-harm promotion, illegal activities, spam-like behaviors, or inappropriate content can trigger the banhammer.

If you want to avoid a TikTok shadowban, permanent ban, or temporary ban, here are 5 things to keep in mind.

Avoid Sharing Violent Content

You can protect your TikTok account by not sharing violent content. Since TikTok has faced a ban in several countries in the last few years due to the violent content on it, the platform has made it a strict policy to eliminate violent content on the platform. While violence may be a broad term, we recommend all posts on the platform refrain from including any content that can be remotely associated with violence in order to protect your account. TikTok algorithms are made in a way that they can detect anything with blood, guns, armor, and extra graphic content that gets you banned. Not to mention, sharing these messages directly with users can also suspend your account.

Never Threat Users

While it’s true that many users don’t stay within their limits and accuse businesses and influencers on TikTok, you need to avoid threatening them. You might do this in anger or as a reaction; TikTok will catch this threat and take legal action against it by banning your account. So, never threaten a user to avoid getting banned.

Don’t Promote Self-Harm

TikTok has made strict policies to deal with content that promotes or glorifies self-harm. Videos that promote self-injury, eating disorders, or suicide can get you booted from the platform. Also, content that motivates people to participate in risky activities is against TikTok policies. Similarly, you need to avoid posting stunts that lead to injuries.

Never Share Content That Promotes Illegal Activities

Streaming or posting videos that show and encourage illegal activities can suspend your account. This includes content like human exploitation, using drugs, physical harm, illegal trade of wildlife, or breaking the law. In this case, the banned TikTok account will also be hard to recover. Accounts who try to instruct people on how to commit any illegal activity will get banned as well. Lastly, don’t share content that promotes the benefits and use of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

Stay Away From Spam Behaviors And Inappropriate Content

The primary reason for getting a TikTok shadowban is that the user behaves like a spammer. Typically, people follow others to encourage them to follow them back. However, TikTok considers this behavior as spam if you have done it several times. Keep your regular posting to less than 100, and only follow no more than 50 people in one day to avoid this problem. Aside from that, hate speech, fake news, violence, nudity, copyright music, and drugs in your videos can also lead to shadowban. If you don’t avoid this type of content, your account will be banned permanently.


Enter Spikerz, the guardian of your digital adventures. To fortify your TikTok kingdom, connect with Spikerz. Our platform monitors content that might jeopardize your account, offering a preventive shield. If, unfortunately, your account faces a ban, our Chatbot is the key to swift recovery. Extend this shield to your other social realms, ensuring a secure and thriving online presence. 🛡️

  • Data Protection:
    At Spikerz, we understand the value of your content. Our system ensures continuous backup of all user content, including messages, posts, comments, and stories. This ensures that even in the rare scenario of a successful breach, no valuable data is lost, facilitating a seamless recovery process.
  • Bot Protection:
    Sophisticated AI bots generating vast amounts of content pose a significant threat. Spikerz employs a state-of-the-art deep learning model crafted to identify and neutralize these advanced bots, preserving the authenticity of your online presence.
  • Comment Protection:
    Guarding your online space from comment spam is paramount. Spikerz provides a robust tool that consistently monitors and auto-removes harmful comments from bots, hackers, or competitors, fostering a secure environment for your business and customers.
  • Guidelines Protection:
    Spikerz understands the importance of compliance. Our AI algorithm proactively scans your content and activities, offering protection against potential rule violations that could lead to social media bans or suspensions, safeguarding your revenue streams.
  • Impersonation Protection:
    Brand impersonation and customer fraud are on the rise. Spikerz employs advanced AI to detect and eliminate fraudulent impersonators, preserving the integrity of your brand and ensuring your audience engages with the authentic you.
  • Spam Protection:
    Competitor-driven spam attacks can hinder genuine client interactions. Spikerz employs real-time spam detection and blocking mechanisms to protect your account from flooding, maintaining a positive and authentic engagement experience.

With Spikerz, you're not just securing your social media accounts; you're investing in a robust defense system that adapts and evolves to stay ahead of emerging threats. Join the Spikerz family today and fortify your digital presence against the ever-evolving landscape of social media threats.

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