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How To Remove Shadowban On TikTok?

Ron Storfer
Ron Storfer
CPO & Co-founder at Spikerz
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Published -  
May 7, 2024
How To Remove Shadowban On TikTok?

Do you have a TikTok account? Have you noticed less of your followers liking or viewing your content? This might be because of a shadowban.

Wondering what a shadowban is and why it happens?

Continue reading to learn about shadowbans and how you can remove them.

What Is TikTok Shadowbanning?

The term “shadowbanning” is self-explanatory - it means that your TikTok account has been banned. However, in this case, you don’t actually know about the ban. If you are shadowbanned, your videos will not appear on the “For You” page and in the hashtag results. This is a type of ban where you are banned from TikTok, and your visibility is reduced without your knowledge.

TikTok algorithms catch users and automatically shadowban them to protect other users from spam content, adult content, and copyright issues. Note that when you get banned, you will not receive views, likes, and traffic on your content and profile.

How Can You Determine Whether Your Account Is Shadowbanned?

While shadowban is a type of temporary ban, TikTok will never notify you when you are shadowbanned. To know if you’ve been shadowbanned, you can check the “For You’ page and hashtags. If you are banned, your content will not appear on these pages.

 Also, during the shadowbanning, your content and videos will:

· Be less visible on the feed

· Receive fewer comments, likes, & views

· Be less visible on the search results

- Check it in the Spikerz Shadowban Calculator

If you notice these things, there are essential steps you can take  to recover your account.

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How To Remove The Shadowban On TikTok?

We know you are disappointed, but you can remove a shadowban. Here are some tips that might solve your problem.

Delete Offensive Content

Many people are shadowbanned after they share offensive content that goes against TikTok’s guidelines. This can include videos that show self-harm, weapons, blood, drugs, alcohol, and others. Also, teaching people about illegal activities can result in shadowbanning. If you want to resolve this problem quickly, it’s best to read the TikTok guidelines to understand what type of content can lead to a shadowban. After deleting the content, wait for at least two weeks to get the ban lifted from your account.

Avoid Using TikTok for Sometime

If TikTok algorithms ever detect spam, there are great chances that they will ban you. This usually happens when you share more than 100 posts in one day or send more than 50 messages daily. The algorithms ban you to protect the users you engage with. If you believe that you’ve made this mistake, try to avoid using TikTok for some time, at least a week. Meanwhile, you can check hashtags to know if the platform has unbanned you.

Post Original Content

Posting others’ content under your name can lead to a shadowban on TikTok. Therefore, it is important to create unique and appealing content to prevent going against TikTok’s copyright laws. Try to brainstorm ideas, get suggestions from friends or mentors, and create innovative content to avoid being booted off the platform.

Uninstall and Reinstall Account

Do you think that your account has been Shadowbanned? Before doing anything, uninstall your app. Download and install TikTok again, and check for signs of a shadowban. Many times, your app only needs an update. When you don’t update it, it may stop working accurately, which prevents you from seeing likes and comments on your videos.

Why Is It Important to Protect Your Account?

Though a shadowban is usually lifted in a few days or weeks, it’s better to avoid practices that lead to this problem. This is because you can be permanently banned if TikTok believes that you won’t stop violating their policies. Being banned also prevents you from engaging with followers, which can lead to a great loss for businesses or influencers. Since your followers will not be able to see your content during the ban, they might think  you have stopped using the platform. This might encourage them to watch content by other creators. So, make sure to avoid spreading fake news, share unique content, do not misbehave with others, and don’t do anything that goes against TikTok’s guidelines.

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