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Check what decreases your engagement on TikTok & Instagram

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What can be bringing down my engagement rate?

How Spikerz Can Help You Improve your Engagment?

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Shadowban protection

Spikerz scans all your posts, hashtags, and captions to ensure compliance with platform rules, helping protect your account from algorithmic penalties and flagging."

Advanced Bot Detection

Spikerz scans your followers to identify inactive and fake accounts that diminish your engagement, making your account less engaging and potentially subjecting it to algorithmic penalization for reduced interest from genuine followers.

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Spikerz scans and takes down social media accounts that potentially impersonate you by reposting your content and stealing your followers, reducing your original account's engagement.

How do we calculate the average engagement rate?
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How accurate is the estimation?
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How can bots affect my engagement rate?
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Can imposters affect my engagement rate?
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How does being shadowbanned affect my engagement rate?
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