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Social Media Protection for Only Fans Creators

Protect your social media accounts from threats on platforms. Use Spikerz to shield yourself from shadowbans, impersonators, haters, spammers, and bots.

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What risks do creators face on social media platforms?

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The algorithms of social platforms are more sensitive to OnlyFans content, leading to a shadowban rate 4 times higher than for average creators.

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Impersonation &
Content Stealing

Every month, OnlyFans creators face at least 5 new impersonators on social media who steal their identity and content.

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OnlyFans creators experience a 236% increase in spam compared to average content creators. Their comments, likes, and follower lists are often inundated by spammers.

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OnlyFans creators often grapple with the undue challenge of haters filling their comments and messages with hate speech, specifically targeting their choice to be on OnlyFans.

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Account Banning

On average, an OnlyFans content creator faces at least 3 bans on social media platforms, making it challenging to sustain their channels and resulting in considerable losses of time and revenue.

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In the past year, attacks on OnlyFans creators on social media have risen by 733%, especially in phishing attempts. Hackers target these high-reputation accounts to replicate content and scam audiences.

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Features Spotlight:

24/7 Account Monitoring

Your social presence, now under constant watch. Any suspicious activity? We're on it.

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Phishing Protection

Say no to phishing links in DMs or comments. Our advanced filters keep them at bay.


Protect your valuable data, including messages, content, and follower base, from being wiped out by a single malicious message.

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Shadowban protection

Shadowban protection: Stay in the clear with IG and TIkTok regulations.

Advanced Bot Detection

With Kaspersky's algorithms and Spikerz’s insights, detect and ward off bots more efficiently than ever.

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It's estimated that one in five accounts will fall victim to impersonation, content theft, or identity fraud. This puts your online identity and reputation at substantial risk.

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What makes Spikerz the first choice to protect you on social media?

Dedicated account manager

Adavnced AI

Top-notch account security technology

High Rate of Impersonation Removals

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How it works?

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Removing threats

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